Certified Diamond Quality

When it comes to judging a diamond, your best assurance of quality is a certificate from an independent gem laboratory.

Our certified diamond jewelry comes with a grading report from an impartial third party who has carefully examined and recorded the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of your diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is regarded as the foremost authority on diamond grading and education. We use only GIA Graduate Gemologists to evaluate our diamonds.

Your diamond jewelry will come with a grading report from American Gemlab, which you can view on the "detail" page for the jewelry you select:

American Gemlab Certificate

American Gemlab Certificate:
>Most diamond jewelry from Diamond Basics Plus is certified from American Gemlab, a highly respected laboratory operated by GIA Graduate Gemologists.

Diamond Insurance Appraisal:
Your diamond jewelry will ($750 or more) come with free insurance against any type of loss for one year. Because the value of diamonds can vary a great deal according to their quality, we provide an appraisal of equal replacement value in the case of loss, theft or damage on each of our certificates, which is registered with the insurer after you send in your insurance packet.

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